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Have you heard the news? Alfred State now offers a way to support the college monthly.



When you join our Monthly Giving Program, you help provide Alfred State College with the resources to plan ahead and ensure stable funding is available to meet the needs of current and future Alfred State students.  

You can give more, and miss it less!  By splitting your donation up into monthly installments, it makes your giving more manageable and  you are able to give more than you thought possible.   So you can't write that $100.00 check today, but you can probably manage a $10.00 donation today, and not even miss it from your account every month moving forward.  



You can enroll in the Monthly Giving Program with a few easy steps using your credit or debit card.  You simply enter your information once, and then your account will be charged subsequently every month on the same day of the month as your original donation.  You don't have to worry about another thing!



When you give monthly, you become part of a community of caring individuals who are helping transform the lives of Alfred state students.  Supporters receive the following benefits:

  • A welcome kit and thank you email from a current Alfred State student.
  • The knowledge that your monthly gift provides crucial, stable funding where we need it most.
  • An annual statement to assist you with your tax preparation. 


Additionally, you can restrict your gift to the area of the college you feel connected to, or give unrestricted funds to be used for the greatest needs of our students. These areas include scholarships, new technology, new programs, and athletics.  

It doesn't matter where you give, but NOW you can have a bigger impact on more students by setting up a recurring monthly gift.   





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Our Top Teams

Our Top Donors

  1. Dr. Gary R. Lounsberry - $125.00
  2. Mr. Gary Lawrence Howland - $105.00
  3. Ms. Shannon (Day) Wescott - $40.00