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Saving Places- Lending a Hand; Alfred State Trades at Work

Eight Alfred State students. Regular guys, ready and willing to help. Volunteering their time to preserve history. Kane Hoag, John Ramsdell, Brendan Wertz, Foxx Wenzel, Dustin Kinnaird, Simon Pannullo, Tristan Badger, and Cooper Fournier, eight Building Trades students at Alfred State College want to give back to community, but need help getting there. “We are anxious to be a part of the newest Historicorps project in South Falls Historic District in Oregon.” said the boys, “but since we are volunteering we need financial assistance to supplement the cost of the trip.”

So who needs some help?

WE DO! Kane, John, Brendan, Dustin, Simon, Foxx, Tristan and Cooper. We are paying out of pocket for this opportunity. That means we need to provide our own airfare, any extra luggage costs, some camping supplies (we are staying in park cabins) and other trip expenses. Funds raised from this page will help alleviate the money that we need to come up with on our own.

Individually this is a costly trip. This is why we need your help. Please consider donating to our group to help offset the cost of this trip. The funds will be divided equally among the eight of us. It will be a great learning experience for all of us and a way for us to give back to the history and preservation of our country. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We will make sure to send you pictures of our work when we come back!!! Thank you so much!

What is Historicorps?

HistoriCorps is a “hands-on” field program that takes on historic rehabilitation projects around the country using a largely volunteer workforce.

Alfred State College promotes both hands on learning and community service and our group of Building Construction Trades students has been given the amazing opportunity to travel to Silver Falls State Park in South Falls Historic District, Oregon to work on repairing, re-roofing, and re-shingling the roof on buildings in the park known as the

“Crown Jewel” of Oregon State Parks. Volunteering on this project give us valuable trade experience and allows us to contribute to the repair of Oregon State Parks
What will be done?

Starting September 9th-October 4th eight students will work to repair old buildings to their former glory. Projects will be split up and assigned daily to small groups. The scope of work will range from window and masonry work to roofing, including thousands of feet of wood shingles. As volunteers will work alongside field staff to contribute to the preservation of several buildings!

Why are we doing it?

1. Alfred State College revolves around the implementation of hands on learning. What better way to really get this experience than to travel across the country to work on something in our curriculum. Learning in the field teaches us things that just can't be taught in a class room. Historicorps is a reputable organization that has partnered with Alfred State for years and their success record speaks for itself. They are dedicated in providing the learning atmosphere to not only teach students, but get them to interact in every step of the building process.

2. Construction is becoming a lost trade, the hard work and precision in this trade seems to be deterring people from wanting to do it for a living. Alfred State wants to change this and illustrate the variety of paths a student can take in the building trades field. The trip to Oregon revolves around restoring historical structures. This is very different than constructing a new home.

3. We are preserving history. We are helping a state part stay in business and bringing pride and satisfaction to not only the park, but the students and people involved in the restoration process. This trip is more than just restoring old buildings. This experience teaches us hard work, community service and builds character. These memories will stick with us for a lifetime.

*According to the State Park website, Silver Falls State Park is the kind of standout scenic treasure that puts Oregon firmly onto the national—and international—stage. Its beauty, boundless recreational opportunities and historic presence keep it there.
Nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, less than an hour east of the state capital of Salem, the sprawling 9,200-acre property is the largest state park in Oregon, and one of the most popular.

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