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Building Trades-Historicorp California

Welcome to our page!   

We Gavin Hamilton, Sasha Johnson, Justin Higgins, and Kyle Coffee, four Building Trades students here at Alfred State College that want to give back, but we need your help.  We are anxious to be a part of the new Historicorp project in California’s Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, CA. 

What is Historicorp?  HistoriCorps conducts a “hands-on” field program in historic preservation, which undertakes rehabilitation projects on buildings situated on publicly accessible lands around the country using a largely volunteer workforce.

This yeat at Alfred State college a group of students from the Building Construction Trades class is being given the amazing opportunity to fly over to Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park in California to work on rebuilding an old school house. This beautiful and scenic state park was once home to destructive mining that left the neighboring towns/farms in ruin. In the 1960's this all changed as the Neveda County locals decided to intiate a campaign to preserve the history of North Bloomfield and Hydraulic mining. Today the park is open to the public and visitors can have a close up look at how miners lived in the mid 1850's. With so much history and beauty, not only are the students getting to experience work on historic structures, but they have a park with an aray of sights to explore. 

What will be done?

Starting October 2-7  four students will be hard at work to repair old buildings to their former glory. Projects will be split up and assigned daily to small groups. Work will range from leveling uneven floors by jacking up the buidings and installing additional framing underneath. Repairing and replacing damaged siding, window trim and foundation skirting. As well as rehabilitating windows, repairing porch supports/various wood elements and painting wood surfaces. 

Why are we doing it?

1. Alfred State College revolves around it's implementation of hands on learning and what better way to really get this experience than to take students across the country to work on something in their respected field. These projects teach students things that just can't be taught in a class room and since learning is the main focus we have made sure we partner with a group that knows this. Historicorps has been our partner through these trips and their success record speaks for it self. They are dedicated in providing the learning armosphere to not only teach students, but get them to interact in every step of the building process.

2. Construction is becoming a lost trade, the hard work and precision in this trade seems to be deterring people from wanting do it for a living. Alfred State wants to change this and show the vast variety of different paths you can take in the Construction field. The trip to California is revolved around restoring historical structures, and this is very different erecting a new home. This oppurtunity is one of many that show different career paths than just residential or commercial construction.

3. We are helping a state park restore buildings that it other wise wouldn't be able to do finacially. This brings pride and satisfaction to not only the park, but the students/people involved in the restoration process. This trip is more than just restoring old buildngs, the things learned and experienced will stick with these students for a lifetime.

So who needs some help?

These students are all New York residents and are part of the team for this years trip. This trip requires a flight over to California and any luggage, varying from camping supplies to clothes. The funds raised from this page will help this amazing oppurtunity become a reality. Any generous donation is greatly appreciated.

As you can imagine it will be costly to travel to California and get our tools and equipment there.  This is why we need your help.  Please consider donating to our group to help offset the cost of this trip.   It will be a great learning experience for all of us and a way for us to give back to the history and preservation of our country.   Any donation is greatly appreciated.   We will make sure to send you pictures of our work when we come back!!!  Thank you so much!  

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