Alfred State Day of Giving 2017

East Coast Lumerjack Roundup 2016
East Coast Lumerjack Roundup 2016

Pioneer Woodsmen's Club

The purpose of the Pioneer Woodsmen’s Club is to educate the College and the local community about the ideas, tools, and techniques of the competitive lumberjack community.  The club shall also practice and select a team to compete at intercollegiate competitions.

The Woodsmen Team competes intercollegiately against schools such as Finger Lakes CC, SUNY ESF, Cobleskill, Paul Smith's College, Ranger School, Penn State, And West Virginia University, across New York and the upper eastern seaboard.

The money fundraised will be used for various activities in the coming competetions, like the arduous task of preparing Home Meet, transportation and housing to other meets in the the spring semester, and getting wood to train with.

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