Alfred State Day of Giving 2017

Alfred State SAE Baja

SAE Baja is a collegiate design series where 100 teams from around the world gather to race off road vehicles. Our club designs, procures, and builds the Baja every year. As a student run organization, we rely exclusively on our sponsors and are committed to ensuring our sponsors will be recognized throughout the 2016-2017 season. Supporting Alfred State Baja enables your company to be seen working hand in hand with students.








Donation could buy us: 

$250 = New Required Motor
$300 = Safety Equipment
$400 = Bearing Carriers
$500 = Wheels
$1000 = Materials for Carbon Fiber Body Panels
$1250 = Event Registration
$2000 = Steel and Aluminum
$2000 = TIG Welder and Supplies
$7000 = Enclosed Racing Trailer




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