Alfred State Day of Giving 2017

Alfred State SAE Baja

SAE Baja is a collegiate design series where 100 teams from around the world gather to race off road vehicles. Our club designs, procures, and builds the Baja every year. As a student run organization, we rely exclusively on our sponsors and are committed to ensuring our sponsors will be recognized throughout the 2016-2017 season. Supporting Alfred State Baja enables your company to be seen working hand in hand with students.








Donation could buy us: 

$250 = New Required Motor
$300 = Safety Equipment
$400 = Bearing Carriers
$500 = Wheels
$1000 = Materials for Carbon Fiber Body Panels
$1250 = Event Registration
$2000 = Steel and Aluminum
$2000 = TIG Welder and Supplies
$7000 = Enclosed Racing Trailer




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We would like to thank all our very generous Challenge & Special Gift Donors!  Our Alfred State Day of Giving would not be possible without their support. These very special donors encompass our mission for this day.  

One Day.  One Goal.  One Alfred.  

Special thanks to:


Lee '62 & Martha Brasted:  $24,000

Charles Craig:  Former College Council, Senior Vice President-Science & Technology, Corning Inc. $10,000

Robert Drago: Alfred State College Council '79-'84, President GOYA Great Lakes $10,000

Alfred State College Council Members: $4,000

Bill Goodrich '84, CEO/Managing Partner, LeChase Construction  &    Rich Laudisi '80 Vice President LeChase Construction $2,500 

Alfred State Development Fund Board Members: $10,000