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Alfred State Hope for Health Club

Hello! We are the Alfred State Hope for Health Club, (Formerly known as the Nursing LLC) and we are the group behind the Hope for Haiti initiative. Our mission is to complete community service in the local, national, and international communities.  We plan to take several trips to Haiti in the following years. We plan to go to Haiti and offer medical services to the people there, and this is especially critical due to the recent impact of Hurricane Matthew on their country. We also provide support to the local community, and we hope you find our cause worth donating to! You can find us on Facebook at Alfred State Hope for Health. Last year we raised enough to support the malnutrition clinic by providing Plumpy-nut, a peanut butter paste used to treat acute malnutrition.  

This year we are planning a trip to Houston, TX in December 2017, New Orleans, LA during spring break 2018, and Haiti during summer break 2018.

Your donation will go to cover the costs of the trips.  The donations may go to student tuition to help with payment, supplies for the trip, medical costs, etc.


As a thank you for a donation there are special gifts we will send to you:

For a donation of 30$ you will receive a complementary calendar from the spring break 2017 trip to Haiti. 


For a donation of 50$ you will receive a Hope for Haiti t-shirt (Your choice of size).

For a donation of 100$ you will receive both the calendar and a Hope for Haiti t-shirt.

For a donation of 250$ you will receive the t-shirt, calendar, and an authentic Haitian gift of your selection.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!  Like us on Facebook and you will be the first to see the pictures of our trips

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