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Thank you for visiting Alfred State's Crowdfunding Page.  If you are looking to support a specific student club, group, organization or athletic team here at Alfred State you have come to the right place!  

With over 130+ individual clubs and organizations here on our Alfred campus, our students are very involved extra curricularly, and it is with support of donors like you that make that possible.   Many of our student groups have always done some sort of fundraising behind the scenes, but now we want to make it possible for our donors to easily find and support their favorite group.

Our 19 NCAA Division III athletic teams compete across the country on a limited budget that they stretch to the best of their ability every season. The money set aside for athletics cover travel costs, equipment needs, uniforms, and gear.   Our student athletes are some of the most dedicated and ambitious students you'll meet juggling full time academics with practice and competition schedules and with the support of our very gracious donors they are able to fulfill the dream of competing in the sports they love at the collegiate level and representing the best of Alfred State.  

We hope this central crowdfunding page will not only have a positive overall effect on our fundraising efforts here at Alfred State, but also help build and instill a philanthropic mentality among our students.   

This platform will allow our groups to share with our donors what their group is doing, what they are specifically trying to raise funds for and allow some personal interaction between our students and those generous donors like yourself who support them.   

Below you will see the groups that are currently fundraising with this awesome new tool!  

Now here is the easy part....Look through the groups below and simply click on the picture of the group you want to learn more about or support!   You can make your donations directly from their page!!!   

Thank you in advance for looking around at what our students are busy doing!   As always, thank you for your continued support of Alfred State and our students!


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Please check back frequently, as our list of student clubs and organizations will be changing and evolving constantly!   There will be something for everyone who wants to support a specific area or interest of Alfred State and it's students!   And please don't forget that unrestricted gifts are always welcome, they support the greatest needs of the college such as Scholarships, Technology, New Programs and Athletics!